Bullet series Hang-on Protein Skimmers are Launched Now!!

Jun 28 2020

Check out this totally different Bullet series hang-on protein skimmer!

The Bullet series hang-on protein skimmer got a light and graceful modern design.
All the Bullet series include a Syncra Nanoneedle wheel pump; therefore, we are powerful and efficient!


The Bullet series is designed for small aquariums, we are going to change the stereotype of traditional small-sized hang-on protein skimmers, which are low-efficiency and take up so much space.
Bullet series is definitely a wonderful choice for you, smooth bullet-shaped body is not only beautiful but also prevents the algae from growing.
The transparency chamber offers a clear vision of the inside, and detachable internal partitions for easy maintenance and cleaning. 
We got the best design for internal flow design, significantly reduce the small bubbles when the skimmer is operating.

The SICCE pumps are famous for its superior quality, it provides a durable and reliable quality.

With the unique technique of noise reduction and high-performance Syncra Nanoneedle wheel pump, you got to give it a shot!

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