Why is my skimmer over-flowing? Check this out!

Aug 05 2021



The working model of the protein skimmer is to mix air and water by pump,

and the bubbles which are generated by the pump will bring the dirty protein to the collection cup.
But, sometimes there seems like no dirty water inside the collection cup, and the clean water is kept flowing out.
That’s over-flowing.
We listed some common reasons that cause the over-flowing:


 TOP 1   Break-in Phase

Skimmers are erratic during the break-in period, because of the tiny amounts of contaminants during the manufacturing, packaging, or assembly.
Usually, the break-in period is 2-4weeks.
Take a moment to clean with warm water to shorten the break-in period.
Don’t ever clean the skimmers with chemicals or alcohol-based, or the construction of water will be messed up.


 TOP 2   New Filter Socks

New filter socks are just like new skimmers, rinse them before you use them to avoid bad effects on your water.


 TOP 3   Frag Glue

Frag Glues got also has possibilities to change the construction of water, try to buy the frag glues of reliable brands and trusted shops.


 TOP 4   Treatments /Medicines / Water Replacement

The consistency of water quality is the most important thing in a saltwater aquarium.
Add in anything slightly and progressively.
Every single time you add something, observe at least half a day to see if there are bad effects.


 TOP 5   Oily Foods

If the fish foods rested in the aquarium for too long, it might cause over-flowing too.
Feed little by little, or try our
MFR-1 Feeding Magnet Mount!
MFR-1 can help the fish go “into” the water, not to flow on the water, so it can significantly reduce the problem of fish food rested.


 TOP 6   Dead Body of Fishes

If the body of fish rusted in the aquarium water, it can cause over-flowing.
Once you see a body, please clean it up immediately, or the performance of the skimmer would be erratic.
If you are too busy to watch over your aquarium anytime, just try our AF series automatic filter roller.
Let the AF series automatic filter rollers do this job for you!



 TOP 7   Water Level in Skimmer

It can be a reason for over-flowing once the water level in the skimmer is too high from the recommended water level.
Make sure to set the water level according to the instructions.
Typically, we suggest setting the water level in 1/2 part of the skimmer neck (where the cup meets the body);
if you are using our HOB (VS, Bullet), set the collection cup in the highest position, wait ‘til the operation is normally then you do some other adjustments by your preference.


 TOP 8   Water Level in Aquarium

Please follow the instruction to set the water level in your aquarium to make sure the skimmer can operate normally.
Once the water level is too low, the submerged pump will be dead, but too high the skimmer will lose its functions.
If you are not sure about the recommended water level, check on our website/instruction/package.


 TOP 9   Maintenance

Please clean the collection cup frequently with warm water and a sponge.
The pumps, venturi, silencers are easy to get clogged by limescale or other substances.
Please follow the instructions to disassemble the pumps, and clean them with other components.
You can soak the components that need to be clean in a vinegar solution (vinegar: water=1:1) or citric solution (citric: water= 1:1) for 12 hours,
after that rinse them with warm water. Never use other chemicals or alcohol-based products.


Wish the information is helpful to you, thanks to your watching. If you got some other questions, please send them to our e-mail: Enjoy your aquarium!