Perfect the water - Media Reactor

Aug 18 2021


The media reactor can expand the surface area and contact time between the media and the aquarium water.
Let’s introduce you to the various JNS media reactors:

1.     Multi-Use Media Reactor
They are accommodated with most media.
We have designed various types and capacities to fit your needs:
- in-sump: SIGMA-1 / SIGMA-2
- in-sump (with magnet mount)
external: FR-1ES / FR-1E / FR-2E / FR-2ED / MR-1E
  Hang-on bracket for FR external: H-10
- external (with hang-on-back design)


2.    Bio-Pellet Media Reactor
We customize the media plate inside the reactor for bio-pellet to create a spiraling flow that keeps the media suspensive and maximum the contact surface.
We have bio-pellet reactor:
in-sump / external

3.    Zeolite Reactor
Zeolite media can help you to create a more natural saltwater environment by removing any excess nutrients and organics from your aquarium water without removing vital trace elements.
Zeolite media needs to be flushed every day.
Try our
JZR series zeolite reactors to make daily flush easier.

4.    Calcium Reactor
Calcium is necessary for reef build. Having a calcium reactor to take over annoying counting job for you.
Check our T series calcium reactors.

5.    Nitratereductor
The nitratereductor creates a low dissolved oxygen environment with a very slow flow rate and grows the anaerobic bacteria that take nitrate as food.
A Bio Ball provides the complicated passages to prolong the contact time for water and anaerobic bacteria.
Traditionally we need to worry about the clogged problems in low flow rate reactors, clogging will grow cyanide which is poisoned.
But JNS adds an inlet filter (for T, TS, TN series) and significantly reduces those problems!
Check our TN series nitatereductors.

6.    Sulfur Denitrator
Sulfur denitrification was originally developed for the treatment of wastewater in water treatment plants.
Nitrate (NO3−) is reduced and ultimately produces molecular nitrogen (N2) through a series of intermediate gaseous nitrogen oxide products.
And now this technology has been utilized in the aquarium.
Check our TS series sulfur denitrators.



1.    Up-flow design
It prevents media from clogging and improves water circulation.

2.    High-quality acrylic construction
We only use the best to assure quality and endurance.

3.    Compact design
We know that you always need more space, so we tried our best to minimize the footprints of all our products to fit in any corner of your place.

4. Highly convenience
    As aquarists for over 20 years, we knew that building a beautiful aquarium is a long journey.
    We try to make it easier for you, so we are always developing new functions to ease your jobs.
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