MR-1E Media Reactor

Footprint: 160mm x 120mm
Height: 278 mm
Capacity: 800 ml


The JNS MR-1E Reactor is a multi-purpose fluidized reactor that provides powerful additional filtration for marine and reef aquariums.
Working with the media of your choice, this versatile device can be used to control and remove odors, discoloration, nitrates, phosphates, and more.
The JNS MR-1E has an 800 ml capacity. In addition, this reactor is specialized for in-line use, making it one of the very few media reactors to operate with cartridge filters.

To achieve maximum filtration efficiency, the JNS MR-1E uses an up-flow design.
It drives incoming water into the reaction chamber and through the filter media, while a lower dispersion plate ensures even water flow and eliminates dead spots.
This reactor is tightly closed to prevent media from escaping into your aquarium.